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"Anyway, you can just tell this company is being grossly mismanaged,” Stiles tells Derek around the Twizzler he just shoved into his mouth.

"I agree," Derek says, head buried in the side panel of the malfunctioning copier. 

"Resources are clearly available," Stiles continues, sounding like he’s pacing back and forth near Derek’s feet; "but they aren’t being utilized fully!"

"Mmhmm." Derek smiles to himself. "I hear the Vice President never even went to business school. He even skips out on the budget meetings, most days."

"What a hack," Stiles sighs. "Hey, do you want some candy? What am I saying, look at you. Of course you don’t eat candy.”

Derek is grateful that there’s a plastic panel hiding his overheating face. “I prefer the grape ones, actually, but sure.”

"Eugh, gross.” Stiles has to crouch down next to him to give him the candy, pressing right into his side. “Like, for example: okay, you’re clearly really smart, I can tell. Despite your seriously gross taste in Twizzlers. They’re wasting you in this position.”

Derek coughs, trying to focus on locating the paper jam. It’s been so long since someone said anything like that to him that he can’t actually tell if Stiles is being sarcastic or not.

"Thank you?" he tries, after a too-long pause.

"Anytime," Stiles says, palm warm between Derek’s shoulder blades. "Although, in a strictly literal sense, I have to admit that this position really works for you.”

Derek hits his head on the paper tray.

Derek isn’t sure why he let this charade go on for over three weeks, it’s just that whenever Stiles ends up calling his line he can’t help but talk to him; it isn’t actually too difficult to Google whatever problem Stiles is having with his computer or whatever, and it actually usually is something really lame, like “how do I take a screenshot” and “I got disconnected to the main server again,” which honestly happens to everyone, you just have to kick your router a little bit. And it’s more entertaining than budget meetings, that’s for sure. 

It’s just that he really likes his conversations with Stiles. A lot. Okay, maybe he just likes Stiles. 

So Derek is surprised one morning when he’s finally decided he should just go ahead and ask Stiles out one of these days when he doesn’t get a call. Stiles usually calls in once or twice by noon at least, even if it’s just to complain about the coffee in the breakroom. 

When Derek walks by Stiles’ desk and finds it empty, not just of Stiles, but in fact all his personal belongings have been swept into a cardboard box. Horrified, Derek raps on the cubicle next to him. “Hey, do you know where Stiles is?” 

The guy, A. Greenberg by his nameplate, just shrugs. “Stiles came into work as usual and then he was flipping through the company phonelist, started freaking out about something and just packed everything up. He said he was going to HR.” 

Derek dashes towards the elevator, making it to the ninth floor where Human Resources is just in time. He barges in office after office, making quick apologies, and finally finds Stiles with an exasperated and bored looking Erica Reyes. 

"You can’t file a sexual harassment claim against yourself, Mr. Stilinski," she’s saying. "Ah, hello, Mr. Hale," she says when she sees Derek at the door.

Stiles turns, face flushing red. “Ah— I am so sorry Der— I mean, Mr. Hale, I really didn’t know, I mean, this morning all my phone presets were gone so I had to reprogram everything, and then when I called IT and asked for Derek’s line, they said they didn’t have a Derek, and then when I looked through the phonelist, I realized the only Derek was—” 

"It’s fine," Derek says. "Erica, can you just forget this—" 

"Sure," she says, grinning at him. 

"Stiles—" Derek pulls him into the hallway. "Were you seriously trying to fire yourself for flirting with me?" 

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Ally A. Moved Away: Lydia goes to visit Allison in France after junior year of high school, where her best friend is busy implementing her new code. She’s never too busy for Lydia though.






Magic, Knives, the Staff and trickery.

Fighting with intelligence and strengh.

Loki’s fighting or why do I find this arousing

This is…so…hot. <3

Loki fights without wasting motion and also fights EXTREMELY close range. For someone who uses magic while they fight, look how close he gets to his opponent even using his staff. His preferred weapons are knives and he uses even shorter ones than Frigga does and he tends to use an icepick grip more often than not, which generally indicates either a knife fighter who has no experience whatsoever, or one who is extremely experienced and using that grip in a sophisticated series of attacks. Loki is the latter considering close quarters combat requires precision, speed, and the ability to make split second decisions because there isn’t any room for error in fighting that close.

Consider that in addition to the fact that he’s often multitasking by spell casting at the same time he’s fighting…

Loki is a lot of unsavory things, but he’s also a warrior. Thor wasn’t letting his little brother tag along on adventures out of pity. Loki earned that place by being deadly whether the other warriors really understood HOW deadly his style is or not.

Up until the late 1980s, the consensus amongst most martial arts experts was that the icepick grip was the mark of an amateur, and that one who chose to attack using such a grip was easily disarmed….in the hands of a reasonably proficient fighter (such as Eskrima practitioners), a knife held in this fashion is remarkably fluid and can deliver multiple cuts from a variety of angles simply by manipulating the wrist. Such flexibility of technique make it extremely dangerous to attempt to immobilize the knife hand by grasping the wrist, as it can quickly circle around and do damage to tendons, nerves, or blood vessels." - wikipedia

(What does it mean when you fact check one unreliable website with another unreliable website. Whatever. I’m trying to be more skeptical.)

1. I love that this is accurate meta.

2. I love learning a new thing.

3. I love that this fighting style hella suits Loki’s characterization. An old school fighter sees the grip and thinks this’ll be too easy. But then he tries to immobilize the wrist and boom an unexpected manipulation leaves him suffering a lot of nasty damage. As if Loki didn’t only just develop a complex about being under-estimated, he made it useful by incorporating it into to his technique. 

Just gonna also point out that the copy Loki makes in Jotunheim proves that Loki’s copies can be ‘touched’ - Loki was able to maintain that copy even after a jotun ran through it. The copy only faded once Loki wanted it to (the moment shown in gif 2. Note he is completely prepared, unlike other situations where you could argue that Loki’s copies faded because they were not needed, or because he had been surprised/jolted by Thor making things explode in AoE attacks.)

I love how so many people completely forget this aspect of Loki.  he didn’t survive a thousand years (or however you want to tally it) at Thor’s side without knowing how to not only survive combat, but be quite efficient, even without Thor’s bloodlust.  In fact, Thor’s bloodlust could only temper and hone Loki’s skill and style, making sure to handle the angry mobs Thor draws.  It’s a lovely counter-point and good combination of styles.

“Sebastian is the sweetest guy on the planet! He wouldn’t even kill a fly. It was really nice to have such as good guy on the set.” - Chris Evans


The triumvirate was the key to how the crew would often solve the issue. Spock would give the cold analytical harsh facts. McCoy would give the human emotional perspective, and Kirk would take elements from both those view points and base his decision on the best possible compromise (x)


The triumvirate was the key to how the crew would often solve the issue. Spock would give the cold analytical harsh facts. McCoy would give the human emotional perspective, and Kirk would take elements from both those view points and base his decision on the best possible compromise (x)


"I had wings once, they were strong, they were stolen from me”

We were very conscious, the writer Linda Woolverton and I, that it was a metaphor for rape. This would be the thing that would make her lose sight…The core of the film is abuse, and how the abused have a choice of abusing others or overcoming and remaining loving, open people. The question was asked, ‘What could make a woman become so dark? To lose all sense of her maternity, her womanhood, and her softness? Angelina Jolie


I totally get why so many male critics didn’t like “Malificent" - because yes, the message is that you don’t need a man to save you and you don’t need a man to love you and you don’t need a man to fight for you - you don’t NEED a man, period, (but sure you can have one if you want), but women are awesome and should always stick together in the end.
Personally I found it very satisfying to see a movie where the women save each other (in every sense of the word) and stick together and their love for each other overcomes all the obstacles. 

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